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cosmetic dentistry near me

Cosmetic Dentistry for all ages.

Personalized cosmetic care you can trust.

Cosmetic Dentistry

The way you smile (or don’t smile) can have a huge impact on how confident you feel and how others perceive you. In order to improve your smile and give you more confidence when you smile, Dr. Aaron Bushong provides cosmetic dentistry in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Our dentists can assist you whether you’re looking to make minor adjustments or significant advancements. For more information about our cosmetic dentistry procedures and to schedule your appointment at Green Bay Smiles, call us at 920-339-9013 right away.

Numerous dental procedures fall under the category of cosmetic dentistry; each of these procedures aims to improve the beauty of your smile. Through cosmetic dentistry, we may assist you in achieving a more attractive, welcoming smile that will increase your self-confidence and allow you to smile with confidence.


If a patient wants to enhance the appearance of their smile, we may recommend cosmetic dentistry. If your smile is marred by flaws like these, cosmetic dentistry may be the answer you need.

  • Teeth with chips, cracks, fractures, or breaks
  • Crevices and gaps between teeth
  • Teeth that are discolored, yellowed, or stained
  • Unequal or slightly misaligned teeth
  • Loss one or more teeth
  • Teeth that seem excessively long, short, or pointed
  • Very worn out teeth
  • Crooked teeth
    Based on your unique needs and preferences, our dentist will assist you in selecting one or more of our top-notch cosmetic dentistry procedures. You will be able to achieve all of your objectives for the smile of your dreams thanks to this personalized treatment plan. Please feel free to reach out to our helpful dental team today to learn more about cosmetic dentistry and how we can improve your smile’s appearance. We look forward to helping you reach the attractive, healthy smile you deserve!

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a simple and efficient procedure to improve the look of your smile. Bonding may be suggested by our dentists to improve the shade of your smile, fill in spaces or fissures, or fix the contour of a tooth. To learn more about dental bonding in Green Bay, Wisconsin, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Aaron Bushong, please contact Green Bay Smiles at 920-339-9013.

Dental bonding is a quick, inexpensive approach to make your smile look better. Our talented dentist applies a composite resin material directly to the tooth structure during the bonding procedure. Since the resin is initially flexible and putty-like, we can shape and mould it to fit your teeth and fix defects in the tooth’s structure and appearance. The composite resin is then hardened, trimmed, and polished to provide a lasting, aesthetic restoration for your smile. Dental bonding typically requires just one visit to our welcoming dental office, and because this treatment usually necessitates little to no tooth preparation, you can rest assured that your visit will be comfortable and painless.

Cosmetic Dentistry

In order to cover spaces and gaps between teeth, correct irregularly shaped teeth, lighten stained or discolored teeth, or repair chipped or fractured teeth, our dentist may advise dental bonding. For a natural-looking result, we’ll employ a composite resin shade that complements the original hue of your teeth. If you’d prefer, we can lighten the color of your teeth by using a slightly lighter tint. We invite you to get in touch with us right away for additional details on cosmetic dental bonding and how we can help you whiten your smile. We will use a shade of composite resin that matches the original color of your teeth for a natural-looking effect. If you would prefer, we can use a slightly lighter shade to whiten the color of your teeth. For more information on cosmetic dental bonding and how we can help you improve your smile, we welcome you to contact us today.

Porcelain Dental Veneers

Have you observed that your teeth are somewhat crooked, discolored, or gapped? To hide and improve the faults in your teeth and offer you a radiant smile, Dr. Aaron Bushong can provide you porcelain dental veneers. Call Green Bay Smiles at 920-339-9013 right away to arrange a consultation with one of our experienced dentists and to find out more about porcelain dental veneers in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Veneers are very thin coverings that are glued to the front of your teeth to improve the aesthetics of your smile. They are commonly made of porcelain or resin. Dental veneers may be suggested by our dentist to treat a variety of smile flaws. Because porcelain’s color and translucence closely resemble the natural appearance of tooth enamel, porcelain veneers are a terrific option for improving your smile. Your smile will remain radiant for years to come since porcelain is also stain resistant. Additionally, resin veneers can match the shade of your teeth. You can get a gorgeous, realistic-looking smile with dental veneers that you’ll want to show off.

If you want to make your smile more attractive, our dentist could suggest dental veneers. You can utilize custom-made veneers on one tooth or your complete smile. Veneers may be recommended for:

  • Close large spaces and gaps between teeth
  • Whiten teeth that are severely stained or discolored
  • Improve the appearance of irregularly shaped teeth
  • Correct slightly crooked teeth
  • Restore teeth that are broken, chipped, worn, or fractured

To find out more about personalized dental veneers and how we can improve your smile, we invite you to contact us or stop by our clinic right now. We anticipate hearing from you!

Teeth Whitening

Do you desire brighter, more attractive teeth? To brighten your smile and assist you in getting the look you desire, our dentists in Green Bay, Wisconsin, provide professional teeth whitening services. Call Green Bay Smiles at 920-339-9013 right away to make an appointment with Dr. Aaron Bushong and to learn more about teeth whitening.

We provide teeth whitening, a quick and efficient cosmetic dental procedure, to improve your smile visibly in just one visit. A potent yet secure whitening gel is administered to the surface of your teeth during our expert teeth-whitening procedures. This gel serves to reduce the visibility of stains, discolouration, and tooth enamel yellowing. There are frequently both in-office and take-home solutions for teeth whitening. You may have a visibly whiter smile thanks to professional teeth whitening, which will increase your self-confidence and enable you to grin with pride.

Teeth whitening may be for you if you’ve ever wished that your smile was whiter and more radiant. Through professional teeth whitening, we can reduce discolouration and stains brought on by a variety of reasons, including:

  • The natural aging process
  • Poor dental hygiene habits
  • Consumption of certain drinks and foods, including tea, wine, coffee, and soda
  • Smoking and other forms of tobacco use
  • Illness
  • Certain medications
  • Fluorosis

Together, you and our dentist will decide on the best course of action and amount of time needed to give you the smile you’ve always wanted. Call us right away to learn more about professional teeth whitening and to schedule a consultation at our office.

cosmetic dentistry near me