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Implant dentistry

Implant Dentistry for all ages.

Personalized dental implant care you can trust.

Implant Dentistry

Do you have a tooth missing? Dental implants are an option offered by Dr. Aaron Bushong to replace missing teeth and restore your smile and confidence. In order to imitate your tooth root, implants are organically attached to the bone. This keeps your facial structure and grin unaltered. For more information on implants in Green Bay, Wisconsin, or to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced dentists, call Green Bay Smiles at 920-339-9013.

Implants can be used to replace one lost tooth, numerous missing teeth, or all of the teeth. They are a permanent, durable alternative to dentures. The titanium implant post, which resembles a screw, is surgically implanted into the jawbone where the missing tooth formerly was. This restores the missing tooth root and guarantees the stability of your dental restoration. It then frequently takes a healing period for the bone to start fusing with the biocompatible post. The implant restoration, or replacement tooth, which fits on top of the implant post, will then be inserted by our dentist after this healing phase. Your implant repair could be a dental crown, dental bridge, complete denture, or another dental procedure, depending on which teeth are missing and your individual dental needs.

A missing tooth replacement can give your smile its best possible health, function, and attractiveness. The fact that an implant is made to feel, look, and operate exactly like your real teeth, and that with proper care, it can last a lifetime, makes it a fantastic alternative for repairing your smile. Call or come see us soon to learn more about the advantages of implant dentistry and to book your implant consultation.

All-On-4® Dental Implants

Our staff at Green Bay Smiles in Green Bay, Wisconsin offers All-On-4® dental implants for patients who are missing most or all of the teeth on one or both dental arches! A fixed, realistic-looking repair that can last a lifetime is provided by this ground-breaking method, which combines implants with dentures. You no longer have to cover up your imperfect grin with All-On-4®! Come in for a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Aaron Bushong. You can make an appointment by contacting 920-339-9013 to our office.

An inventive and well-liked method to repair lost teeth is with implants. Your restoration is permanent and more similar to your natural tooth because the implant post is placed into your jawbone. The All-On-4® system, in contrast, is intended to restore a whole dental arch. Basic implants are made to replace a single lost tooth.

Although full-arch replacement is a new concept in dentistry, the All-On-4® system has improved on earlier implant techniques. A full dental arch replacement typically takes six to eight implants, which are frequently inserted just a few at a time. Due to this, you may need to wait up to 18 months before receiving a full smile restoration. You just need one surgery with All-On-4® because there are only four implants used, all of which are inserted simultaneously. Additionally, the implants are carefully positioned at an angle, which makes the process safer and the outcome more lasting. Our dentist can connect a restoration, such as a pair of dentures, to your implants after they are set in place, allowing you to walk out of our clinic with a complete smile.

All-On-4® implants are a good option for the majority of patients. Our dentist can assess your dental health and talk with you about your smile objectives to see if this procedure is the best option for you. So that you are aware of what to anticipate during your upcoming sessions, we will draft and review your personalized treatment plan.

We invite you to get in touch with our office right away to schedule an All-On-4® consultation. We are eager to assist you in reclaiming your radiant, healthy smile!

Guided Implant Placement

For your treatment to be successful after obtaining a dental implant, it is crucial that the implant post be positioned correctly. Prior to your procedures, we at Green Bay Smiles will map out the placement of your implants using a computerized implant placement system. This means that your new implant will stay longer since Dr. Aaron Bushong can deliver more precise and accurate outcomes. If you’re interested in finding out more about how we use guided implant placement in Green Bay, Wisconsin, call our office at 920-339-9013 to schedule a consultation with our dentist.

Implants are artificial dental roots that are surgically inserted into the jawbone to replace lost teeth. The implant creates a solid basis for the new tooth and guarantees that the restoration will be long-lasting and realistic by replacing the lost tooth root. To fully restore the health, aesthetics, and function of your smile, our dentist will connect a restoration such as a dental crown, dental bridge, partial denture, or complete denture to the implant post once it has been placed. You’ll be able to talk clearly, smile with assurance, and chew and eat with ease.

Each time you visit our office, our dentist and staff are committed to giving you the highest quality care and outcomes. We regularly upgrade our office using the newest methods and tools to achieve this goal. One of these cutting-edge procedures is computer-guided implant surgery, which we are happy to offer. As the name implies, this procedure uses software and computed tomography (CT) 3D imaging to help with implant placement. This makes it easier to obtain precise, ideal positioning for a sturdy, long-lasting tooth replacement.

We invite you to get in touch with us right away for additional details about computer-guided implant surgery and how we may enhance your smile using cutting-edge methods. We’re excited to talk to you soon!

Implant-Supported Dentures

Do you have loose or painful dentures? Do your dentures have a tendency to move around a lot? Green Bay Smiles in Green Bay, Wisconsin offers implant-supported dentures for people who are sick of wearing inadequate dentures or for those who want to replace all the teeth in a dental arch. With this procedure, Dr. Aaron Bushong will be able to give you a set of personalized dentures that are mounted on dental implants. This implies that you can speak, chew, and smile again without worrying about your dentures moving. Call us at 920-339-9013 right away to find out more and schedule your dental consultation.

Our dentist might suggest implant-supported dentures if you’re seeking for a reliable, long-lasting way to replace several missing teeth. Traditional dentures and implant-retained dentures seem remarkably similar, but the latter are supported by implants. Denture users frequently lament how loose dentures “float” around the mouth, making it difficult for them to properly eat and speak. An affordable alternative to traditional dentures, implant-supported dentures can frequently be retrofitted onto an existing denture.

The placement is the initial step in using implants to secure your denture. In order to firmly hold your denture, the implants—which resemble screws—are surgically placed into the jawbone. Although the precise number of implants needed will vary on your personal requirements, the majority of instances call for 4-6 implants per denture. Your denture is affixed on top after the implants have been put in and have had enough time to recover. This offers outstanding stability for your denture. Actually, a lot of patients say that their implant-retained dentures feel and work more like their real teeth.

We invite you to call or stop by our office right away for additional details regarding dental implants and implant-supported dentures as well as to set up your next appointment with our dentist.

Surgical Implant Placement

To assist our patients in restoring their smiles, we are happy to provide a range of implant treatments at Green Bay Smiles. Dental implants are implanted surgically, and our dentist and staff are qualified to carry out your surgery here in our office because they have the appropriate experience and training. If you live in Green Bay, Wisconsin and are considering getting dental implants to replace your missing teeth, call our office at 920-339-9013 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Aaron Bushong to go over the surgical implant placement procedure.

A restoration called an implant can replace one tooth, several teeth, or all of your teeth. It is intended to replace both the crown and the root of a missing tooth, resulting in a more long-lasting and permanent restoration. The post, abutment, and restoration are the three essential components that make up an implant. The post is inserted into the jawbone to fill in the spaces left by the missing roots. The restoration is then secured to the abutment, which is subsequently positioned on top of the post. Your restoration will most likely be a crown, bridge, or denture.

Our dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth before starting the implant treatment. You will probably be a suitable candidate for implants if you have good oral health. However, if your jaw bone density in the intended treatment location is insufficient, we can advise that you get a bone graft before having your implant procedure. A bone transplant will fortify the bone in the implant treatment location, increasing the likelihood that your implant will be successfully inserted.

Our dentist will first expose the gum tissue over the space where your natural tooth once resided in order to install your dental implant. The bone where your implant will be positioned can be seen by opening the gum tissue. The implant post will then be carefully inserted into the jaw bone after our dentist carefully drills a hole the size of the post. You will need to wait a few months for it to heal once it has been placed so that the jaw bone can fuse with the implant post. Your final restoration will be attached to your implant following your healing time, bringing your treatment to an end.

If you are interested in replacing your missing teeth with a dental implant, we invite you to learn more about the process by contacting our practice today. We are here to help answer your questions and restore your smile.

Implant dentistry