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You may have heard more than once a friend or colleague state that genetics is to blame for their poor dental health or that a family history of gum disease increases their risk for the condition. While it may seem implausible, there is some complex truth to the notion. We have provided some important facts regarding an association between oral health and genes to help you better understand your dental state.

– While genes do play into your risk of developing dangerous oral conditions, they don’t seem to contribute as much as your environment or lifestyle.

– Even if genetic testing revealed that you carry a gene for a specific oral disease, it doesn’t mean you’ll actually be affected by that disease.

– There is no identified genetic link to gum disease, but it can develop as a result of other risk factors, including lifestyle choices such as smoking and practicing oral care inconsistently.

– The quickest and most effective way to assess your oral health and its future risks is to visit Dr. Aaron Bushong and our team for routine dental checkups.

Despite your genes, you can maintain substantial control over the health of your smile through proper daily oral hygiene habits that keep your teeth and gums on the right path.

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