Removing one or two teeth is fairly simple.; however, extracting multiple teeth requires our dentists to shape your jawbone in preparation for a denture. After you have had multiple teeth extracted, you may experience the following:

  • Maximum swelling within the mouth and possible around the eyes.
  • The area around your eyes may also become discolored. You can relieve this effect by using warm compresses.
  • Muscle soreness, leading to a sore throat.
  • Your mouth may become dry and cracked.

Most patients who undergo multiple tooth extractions have a follow-up appointment with your dentist within 48 hours to discuss your post-surgery symptoms and make sure that you are healing properly. Please follow all instructions provided by our dental professionals as closely as possible.

For more information about post-op treatment for multiple tooth extractions, and to schedule your appointment with Dr. Aaron Bushong and Dr. Beau Schneiss at our dental office in Green Bay, Wisconsin, please call Green Bay Smiles today at 920-339-9013.