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While snoring is a common and typically non-threatening issue among American adults and children, it can be paired with interrupted breathing when caused by sleep apnea, resulting in further health complications. We may recommend a tongue stabilizer to prevent snoring caused by sleep apnea, as well as encourage proper care of the appliance.

Our dentist at Green Bay Smiles can help you select an appropriate option for snoring treatment to improve breathing problems, and we encourage you to seek a proper sleep apnea diagnosis from your physician prior to moving forward with treatment. For example, severe sleep apnea may require a CPAP, which is a positive pressure treatment device that you wear over your mouth and nose to allow proper air flow when you are sleeping.

More moderate cases can often be treated with a tongue stabilizer, which is a nighttime snore guard and is often preferred by denture patients because it doesn’t require teeth to be attached. Your tongue stabilizer holds the correct position of the tongue and soft palate to keep your breathing regular during sleep.

To clean the tongue stabilizer every morning, brush it gently with denture polish so that all bacteria and plaque particles are cleared away, and then dry it with paper towel and store it in its case. Then, brush your tongue to remove bacteria that can sour your breath.

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