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Harmful dental habits such as snacking on ice cubes, grinding your teeth during sleep, or taking certain medications with oral side effects can put your molars and premolars at a higher risk of developing a fracture. Dental fracture could cause significant damage to the tooth enamel and result in discomfort, pain, and decreased oral function, as well as heighten your risk of developing deep dental cavities.

It may be possible for Dr. Aaron Bushong to repair a small fractured area with a dental filling, but if the dental fracture is significant, the tooth may not have enough healthy tooth enamel to support a dental filling and keep it in place. To treat a badly fractured tooth, our dentist may suggest that you receive a dental crown to protect and support the tooth.

A custom-made dental crown can provide a near perfect replica of your natural tooth enamel layer and is created from a quality dental material such as porcelain or gold. The interior is hollow so that it can cover and attach to the abutment that is formed from the dentin within the tooth.

Following the removal of the tooth enamel, our team will create an impression of your dental abutment and any corresponding teeth, which we send to a dental lab to have the permanent dental crown produced by highly experienced dental technicians.

When it’s time to receive your dental crown, we will contact you to schedule your follow-up appointment, where our dentist will cement the crown onto the abutment to restore your tooth for many years to come. If you have a fractured tooth and are interested in receiving a high-quality dental crown in Green Bay, Wisconsin, call Green Bay Smiles at 920-339-9013 today.